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Kalonji Seeds 200 gm

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  • Help support a weight management.
  • Helps to achieve a flawless skin
  • Maintain health and immunity.
  • Kalonji seeds may also reduce the skin problems

    Kalonji Seeds 200 gm

    Kalonji considered to be an evergreen plant from the family Ranunculaceae.These beneficial seeds are considered to be packed with trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, saponins, protiens, fatty acids including linolieic and linolenic, volatile acids, sodium, potassium and many others. These days ,Kalonji is an integral part in the kitchen as a spice. In addition to tempering, kalonji seed’s medicinal properties help to maintain health and immunity. These one of the effective seeds may also reduce the skin problems and helps to achieve a flawless skin. Adding to this, it may maintain a healthy lipid level to help support a weight management.

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