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Brahmi Herbal Coffee - 100 gms

MRP: Rs. 180/-
SKU No: BM058

  • May protect from Alzheimer disease
  • Has beneficial effect on brain
  • May boost your memory
  • May fight depression and make you happier
  • Caffeine free, Sugar Free, Acid free. Enjoy a healthier coffee without any side effects

    Brahmi Herbal Coffee - 100 gms 

    Herbal Hills Brahmi Coffee is an Ayurvedic combination of Brahmi extract and Shankhpushpi powder & Kasni which is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology at Herbalhills. Brahmi is also known as Bacopa monnieri/ Bacopa. At Herbalhills Enjoy the benefits of popular herb Brahmi in coffee flavour.  Brahmi promotes healthy blood circulation, thus promoting nourishment to the nerve cells.  It may support cognitive capability and help promote mental clarity and focus.  Shankhpushpi is also considered to promote memory and concentration. The dark rich flavour of Chicory (Kasni) is best known as a substitute for Coffee.

Shipping Weight 176grms
Dimensions 16 x 13 x 8cm

Brahmi extract, Shankhpushpi powder, Kasni root powder

Safety Warnings & Storage

Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume Herbal Products under advise of the Healthcare Practitioner. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight.


Take 1 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day. Place one teaspoon herbal coffee into a cup. Add very hot water, stir. Add milk and sugar to taste if desired.